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Total Thrust Acting on Driver Thrust Bearing :

Total Thrust Acting on Driver Thrust Bearing
Definiton :
  • Bearings that give radial positioning to the rotor are known as line bearings, and those that locate the rotor axially are called thrust bearings.
  • In most applications, the thrust bearings actually serve both as thrust and radial bearings.
  • Axial bearings, or thrust bearings, are designed to withstand force in the same direction as the shaft.
  • Then it is called an axial load, or thrust load.
  • In some applications, ceramic bearings, a type of radial bearing, are used to withstand high rotational speeds.
  • The axial thrust is the resultant force of all the axial forces (F) acting on the pump rotor.
  • A force that is applied along a bearing’s axis.
Uses :
  • Thrust bearings support the axial thrust of both horizontal and vertical shafts.
  • Then, The functions are to prevent the shaft from drifting in the axial direction and to transfer thrust loads applied on the shaft.
  • Balls, cylindrical rollers, tapered rollers, spherical rollers and needle rollers are the most common rolling elements used for thrust applications.
  • To keep the rotor in an exact position in the casing.
  • To absorb axial thrust on the rotor due to steam flow.
Formula :
  • The formula for the calculation is given below.
  • Total Thrust Acting on Driver Thrust Bearing = (Bowl Thrust Factor * Total Dynamic Head) + (Shaft Weight * Setting from Head Base to Top of Bowls).
  • Beside the formula this calculator works.
How to Calculate ?
  • First, Enter the Bowl Thrust Factor. Then,
  • Second, Enter the Total Dynamic Head. Then,
  • Third, Enter the Shaft Weight. Then,
  • Fourth, Enter the Setting from Head Base to Top of Bowls. Then,
  • Click “Calculate” to get the result and then if you want to clear values Click “Reset” in addition to clear the values.
  • Finally, follow these steps to get the result.
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