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Bowl Horsepower :

Bowl Horsepower
Bowl Horsepower :
  • The Bowl Horsepower is the horsepower required at the bowl shaft to deliver the required capacity against the bowl total head.
  • Then, The bowl assembly is the heart of the vertical turbine pump.
  • The impeller and diffuser type casing are designed to deliver the head and capacity that your system requires in the most efficient way possible.
  • The term horsepower came about in the 1700’s, when inventor James Watt was trying to explain the power of steam engines.
  • He took the time to watch ponies, averaging how much power they produced in a minute.
  • Watt came up with the estimate that an average pony produced 22,000 foot-pounds of work each minute.
  • Bowl Efficiency – The ratio of hydraulic power output from the bowl to the power input to the bowl.
Uses :
  • The Horsepower dates back to the advent of the steam engine.
  • Years ago, everything was driven by horses, but everything changed with the invention of the steam engine by James Watt.
  • He needed a convenient way to sell his engines, so he came up with the measurement of horsepower.
  • Water horsepower is the minimum power required to move water.
  • In other words, it is the power a pump would require if the pump was 100 percent efficient.
  • Then, The water horsepower can be determined if the flow rate of the water and the force (pressure) required to produce that flow is known.
Formula :
  • The formula for the calculation is given below.
  • Pressure Head = (Capacity * Total Dyanmic Head * Specific Gravity) / (3960 * Bowl Efficiency).
  • Beside the formula this calculator works.
How to Calculate ?
  • First, Enter the Capacity (gal / min). Then,
  • Second, Enter the Total Dynamic Head (ft). Then,
  • Third, Enter the Specific Gravity. Then,
  • Fourth, Enter the Bowl Efficiency. Then,
  • Click “Calculate” to get the result and then if you want to clear values Click “Reset” in addition to clear the values.
  • Finally, follow these steps to get the result.
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