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Sand Calculator :

Online Sand Calculator
Online Sand Calculator

Sand Calculator :
  • Sand Calculator can be used as to calculate the Sand weight in Kg and Ton.
  • Sand is used as well as for building construction.
Types of Sand used in Construction :
  • There are three main sources of sand used in construction.
  • River Sand
  • Crushed Sand
  • Pit Sand.
  • River sand is usually obtained from river banks.
  • Then the pit sand is obtain by digging deep pits.
  • Then the crushed sand is obtain by crushing the rocks.
  • Hence these are the types of sand.
Sand Calculation Formula :
  • To find the Sand using calculator in Kg and then in Ton.
  • a = ( Length * Breadth * Depth )/ 35.315.
  • b = a + ( a * (52.4 / 100)).
  • c = (2 / 7) * b.
  • Then, Sand in Kg = c * 1550.
  • Then, Sand in Ton = Sand in Kg / 1000.
  • These are the formula moreover important to find the weight of sand.
How to Calculate ?
  • Enter the feet value of Length, Breadth and Depth value in the input field.
  • Click “Calculate” to get the result.
  • If you want to clear the values as well as click “Reset” button.
  • As a result, these are the steps to find the weight of sand using sand calculator.
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