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Online kWh to kW :

kWh to kW
kWh :
  • The kilowatt-hour is a unit of energy equal to one kilowatt of power sustained for one hour and is commonly used as a measure of electrical energy.
  • One kilowatt-hour is equal to 3600 kilojoules.
kW :
  • A kilowatt is simply a measure of how much power an electric appliance consumes it’s 1,000 watts to be exact.
  • Then, You can quickly convert watts (W) to kilowatts (kW) by diving your wattage by 1,000.
kWh to kW :
  • It is a conversion calculator which converts the energy from Kilowatts-hours kWh to power in Kilowatts (kW).
  • It has two switch buttons that perform different functions.
  • A kilowatt hour (kWh) is a measure of how much energy you’re using per hour, whilst a kW is a measure of power. Then, kW stands for kilowatt, a universal standard for measuring electricity.
  • So, one kilowatt equals 1,000 watts. Then, your electricity provider charges by how much electricity you use per kilowatt hour (kWh).
  • Formula,P (kW) = E (kWh) / t (hr). Then, it means that the power in Kilowatts (kW) is calculated by dividing the energy in Kilowatt-hours by the consumption time in hours (hr).
How to Calculate ?
  • You can easily use this online kWh to kW calculator for converting kWh to kW.
  • First, Enter the energy in Kilowatt-hours. Then, Second : Enter time in Hours.
  • Click “Calculate” to get the result and then if you want to clear values Click “Reset” in addition to clear the values.
  • Besides, the formula this calculator works.
  • Finally, follow these steps to get the results.
  • Then you will get as a result in Kilowatts (kW).
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