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Night Lamp

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Night Lamp Wall Mounted :
  • A night lamp wall mounted is a small light fixture, usually electrical, placed for comfort or convenience in dark areas or areas that may become dark at certain times, such as at night or during an emergency.
  • Small long-burning candles serving a similar function are referred to as “tealights”.
  • Wall mounted luminaires are mounted directly to a wall surface.
  • This type includes sconces, diffusers, and vanity lights.
  • Track lighting can be also be mounted to the wall.
Purpose :
  • A lamp is a small appliance that holds an electric bulb and¬†produces light.
  • Your desk lamp might provide enough light for you to read by at night, or you may have to turn on a floor lamp too after the sun goes down.
  • Night lights are¬†useful for people with nyctophobia, or an intense fear of the dark.
  • This is common in children but can affect anyone at any age.
  • If a night light helps a person fall asleep and sleep better during the night, this may support overall health.
Benefits :
  • Convenience. Human eyes were designed to see color more so than to see in the dark.
  • Safety.
  • Comfort.
  • Compact.
  • Security.
Types :
  • Red light is by far the superior choice when choosing a nightlight that won’t disrupt your circadian rhythm.
  • Naturally, waking up in the middle of the night isn’t ideal regardless, however, exposing your eyes to red light will be better than blue or green.
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