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Hand Shower

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Kinetic Wall-Mount Hand Shower :
  • The Kinetic Wall-Mount Hand Shower is one of the hand shower.
  • The hand shower is probably better known to most people as the¬†handheld showerhead.
  • Such a device differs from the traditional showerhead because it can be held in the hand and moved to various locations in the shower.
  • This greater flexibility gives the hand shower many functions.
  • For people who prefer greater control over their bathing experience, handheld showers are ideal.
  • They also function best when positioned above the tub or shower since they let you go nearer to the water source while maintaining visibility.
Purpose :
  • The easily movable showerhead makes it easy to clean the shower by removing limescale.
  • It also helps to keep the area clean and tidy.
  • The handheld showerhead can be turned towards the area of requirement.
  • There is no extra water that is being used.
Benefits :
  • You may¬†regulate the direction, volume, and strength of the water flow¬†with a handheld showerhead, as well as pick between a single jet and many sprays.
  • If you want more control over your showering experience, nothing beats a portable shower.
Types :
  • Body Showers.
  • Air Showers.
  • Maze Showers.
  • Rain Showers.
  • Multi-function Showers.
  • Hand Shower Single Flow.
  • Hand Shower Multi-Flow.
  • HydroLite Showers.
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