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AC – Air Curtain 
ACU – Air Conditioning Unit 
AD- Duct/Plenum Access Door 
AE – Acoustical Elbow (Refer To Detail This Sheet) 
AFF – Above Finished Floor 
AFMS – Air Flow Monitor/Measuring Station 
AFP – Air Flow Measurement Probe 
AFT – Air Flow Transducer/Temperature Monitor 
AHU – Air Handling Unit (W/ Integral Devices For Cooling 
ADU – Air Handling Unit, W/ Integral Devices For Increased Dehumidification 
ARU – Air Handling Unit, W/ Integral Devices For Energy Recovery 
AL – Aluminum 
ALT – Alternate, Alternative 
AMB – Ambient 
AP – Access Panel 
APD – Air Pressure Drop (In Inches Of Water Column) 
AS – Air Separator 
AR – Acid Resistant 
ARV – Air Relief Valve, Manual Air Vent 
AT – Air Transfer 
ATD – Air Temperature Drop (In °F, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
ATR – Air Temperature Rise (In °F, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
ATV – Air Turning Vanes 
AUTO – Automatic 
AVE – Air Volume Extractor 
BCP – Boiler Circulation Pump 
BD – Barometric Damper Or Barometric, Counter Balanced Gravity Operated Damper 
BDD – Backdraft Damper 
BHP – Break Horspower.(In Horsepower) 
BLDG – Building 
BLR – Boiler 
BMS – Build 
BOD – Bottom Of Duct/Device (In Units Noted) 
BP – Barometric Pressure (In Inches Of Mercury, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
BTU – British Thermal Units 
BTUH – British Thermal Units Per Hour 
CAU – Combustion Air Unit 
CBA – Chilled Beam, Active 
CBD – Chilled Beam, Active Displacement Air Unit 
CBP – Chilled Beam, Passive 
CC – Cooling Coil 
CCP – Coil Circulation Pump 
CD – Control Damper 
CF – Cartridge Filter 
CFH – Cubic Feet Per Hour (Gas Unit Of Measure) 
CFM – Air/Gas Flow Rate (In Cubic Feet Per Minute) 
CSF – Chemical Shot Feeder 
CHP – Chilled Water Pump 
CHR – Chilled Water Return 
CHS – Chilled Water Supply 
CL – Center Line 
CLG – Ceiling 
COMP – Compressor 
CO – Clean Out 
COL – Column 
COND – Condenser 
CP – Condensate Pump 
CRU – Computer Room Unit 
CSR – Current Sensing Relay 
CT – Cooling Tower 
CU – Condensing Unit 
CUH – Cabinet Unit Heater 
CV – Convector 
CWP – Condenser Water Pump 
CWR – Condenser Water Return 
CWS – Condenser Water Supply 
DB – Dry Bulb Temperature (In °F, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
DC – Dust Collector 
DCW – Domestic Cold Water 
DELTAT – Temperature Difference 
DHW – Domestic Hot Water 
DIA / Ø- Diameter (In Inches, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
DOAS – Dedicated Outdoor Air System 
DP – Differential Pressure (In Feet Of Head, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
DPS – Differential Pressure Switch 
DPT – Differential Pressure Transmitter 
DS – Duct Silencer 
DT – Differential Temperature (In °F, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
DU – Dehumidification Unit 
DUC – Door Under Cut (In Inches, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
DWG – Drawing 
E/P – Electrical/Pneumatic 
EAT – Entering Air Temperature (In °F, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
ECON – Economizer 
EF – Exhaust Fan 
EFF – Efficiency 
EG – Exhaust Grille 
EH – Exhaust Hood 
ELEV – Elevation 
ELEC – Electric, Electrical 
EM – Expanded Metal (Minimum Of 70% Free Area, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
EMER – Emergency 
EQUIP – Equipment 
ERC – Energy Recovery Chiller 
ERW – Energy Recovery Wheel, Also Referred to as a Heat Wheel 
ERV – Energy Recovery Ventilator 
ET – Expansion Tank 
EWT  – Entering Water Temperature (In °F, Unless Otherwise Noted) 
EX – Existing 
EXH – Exhaust 
EXP – Expansion 
EXT – Exterior 
F&T – Float and Thermostatic Trap 
F/SD – Combination Fire/Smoke Damper 
FC-  Fan Coil Unit 
FCV – Fan Coil Unit, For Vrf Systems 
FD – Fire Damper 
FOR – Fuel Oil Return 
FOS – Fuel Oil Supply 
FOV – Fuel Oil Vent 
FP – Fire Protection 
FPM – Feet Per Minute 
FR – Filter Rack 
FT – Feet 
FT – Hd Feet Of Head 
FTR – Fin Tube Radiation 
G – Gas 
GA – Gauge 
GAL – Gallons 
GALV – Galvanized 
GC -Condensate Piping – Gravity Drainage 
GF – Glycol Feeder 
GLR – Ground/Geothermal Loop Return 
GLS – Ground/Geothermal Loop Supply 
GPM – Gallons Per Minute 
HC – Heating Coil 
HDG – Heavy Duty Grille 
HG – Refrigerant Hot Gas 
HHR – Heating Hot Water Return 
HHS – Heating Hot Water Supply 
HLS – High Limit Switch 
HP – Horsepower 
HPR – Heat Pump Loop Retur 
HPS – Heat Pump Loop Supply 
HPU – Heat Pump Air Handling Unit, Air Or Water Source 
HPW  -Water to Water Heat Pump Unit 
HVAC – Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning 
HWP – Heating Hot Water Pump 


A.A.S.H.T.O – American Association of State Highway Transport 
A.B – Anchor Bolt Or Asbestos Board 
A.C.I – American Concrete Institute. 
A.R.E.A – American Railway Engineering Association. 
A.S.C – Allowable Stress of Concrete. 
A.S.T.M – American Society for Testing Materials 
AC – Asphalt Concrete 
AE – Assistant Engineer 
APM – Assistant Project Manager 
B.M Benchmark 
B.M – Bending Moment. 
B.O.F – Bottom Of Foundation 
BHK – Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen 
BLK – Block Work 
BOQ – Bill Of Quantities 
BRW – Brick Retaining Wall 
BWK – Brick Work
 C.I.Pipe – Cast Iron Pipe. 
C.I.Sheet – Corrugated Iron Sheet. 
CBW – Concrete Block Wall 
CC – Cement Concrete. 
CC – Centre To Centre 
CE – Chief Engineer 
CIP – Cast In Place 
CJ – Construction Joint 
CL – Centre Line 
CMU – Concrete Masonry Unit 
CP – Cement Plaster. 
CPM – Critical Path Method. 
CRW – Concrete Retaining Wall 
CS – Comparative Statement. 
D – Diameter 
D.L – Dead load. 
Dia – Diameter 
DIM – Dimension 
DL – Development Length 
DPC – Damp Proof Course. 
DPR – Daily Progress Report 
DRG – Drawings 
DWLS – Dowels
 E.L – Environmental load. 
EGL – Existing Ground Level. 
EJ – Expansion Joint 
EL – Existing Load 
ELCB – Earth Leak Circuit Breaker 
F.M – Fineness Modulus. 
FGL – Formation Ground Level.
 FL – Floor Level 
FOC – Factor Of Safety 
Ft – Foot Or Feet 
GL – Ground Level 
GP – Ground Plane. 
HAC – High Alumina Cement 
HFL – Highest Flood Level. 
HP – Horizontal Plane. 
IOM – Inter Office Memo 
ISI – Indian Standard Institute. 
JE – Junior Engineer 
JST – Joist 
Kg – Kilogram. 
L.L – Live load. 
LC – Lime Concrete. 
LW – Light Weight
 LWC – Light Weight Concrete 
M – Meter 
MB – Measurement Book.
 MCB – Miniature Circuit Breaker 
MEP – Mechanical Electrical Plumbing 
MFL – Maximum Flood Level 
MM – Millimeter. 
MRC – Material Receipt Challan 
MT – Metric Tonnes 
N – Newton 
NCF – Neat Cement Finishing. 
OGL – Original Ground Level . 
OPC – Ordinary Portland Cement 
OSR – Open Soace Reservation Area 
PC – Pile Cap
PC – Precast Concrete 
PCC – Plain Cement Concrete 
PERT – Programme Evaluation and Review Technique.
PL – Plinth level. 
PM – Project Manager
 PO – Purchase Order 
PPE – Personal Protective Equipment 
PPR – Poly Propylene Random. 
PSF – Pound Per Square Foot 
PSI – Pound Per Square Inch 
PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride 
PWD – Permanent Works Engineer 
QC – Quality Control 
QS – Quantity Surveyor 
R.B.W – Reinforced Brick Work.
 RBC – Reinforced Brick Concrete. 
RC – Reinforced Concrete 
RCC – Reinforced Cement Concrete 
RL – Reduced level.
RMC – Ready Mixed Concrete Concrete. 
SCC – Self Compacting Concrete 
SRC – Sulphate Resisting Cement 
STP – Sewage Treatment Plant 
SWG – Standard Wire Gauge. 
TB – Tie Beam 
TBM – Tunnel Boring Machine 
TDS – Total Dissolved Solids 
TMT – Thermo Mechanical Treatment 
TOB – Top Of Beam 
TOC – Top Of Concrete 
TOW – Top Of Wall 
U.S.C – Ultimate Stress of Concrete. 
UPVC – Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. 
USD – Ultimate Strength Design. 
VP – Vertical Plane. 
W.C – Water Closet. 
W.S.D – Working Stress Design. 
WL – Working Level 
WO – Work Order 


AC – Alternating Current 
DC – Direct Current 
V – Volts 
A – Ampere 
M – Motor 
E – Earth` 
A/C – Air Conditioner 
TP – Triple Pole 
DP – Double Pole 
LA – Light Arrester 
KA – Kilo Ampere 
LV – Low Volt 
HV – High Volt 
kV – Kilovolt 
MV – Megavolt 
HP – Horse Power 
HT – High Tension 
LT – Low Tension 
kVA – Kilovolt Ampere 
ISO – Isolator 
NVC – No Volt Coil 
OLR – Overload Relay 
OLP – Overload Protection 
SS – Salter Switch 
TS – ThermoSwitch 
TR – Transformer 
PT – Pressure Transmitter 
DPT – Differential Pressure Transmitter 
FT – Flow Transmitter 
LT – Level Transmitter 
PCC – Power Control Centre 
MCC – Motor Control Centre 
RCCB – Residual Current Circuit Breaker 
MPCB – Motor Protection Circuit Breaker 
MCB – Miniature Circuit Breaker 
MCCB – Molded Case Circuit Breaker 
ACB – Air Circuit Breaker 
VCB – Vacuum Circuit Breaker 
OCB – Oil Circuit Breaker 
PLC – Programmable Logic Controller 
DCS – Distributed Control System 
HMI – Human Machine Interface 
RIO – Remote Input Output 
RTU – Remote Terminal Unit 
DOL – Direct Online 
EOCR – Electronic Over Current Relay 
ELCB – Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker 
HRC – High Rupture Capacity Fuse 
UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply 
JB – Junction Box 
TB – Terminal Block 
LCS – Local Control Station 
CT – Current Transformer 
PT – Potential Transformer 
XLPE – Cross Linked Polyethylene 
SWA – Single Wire Armoured 
PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride 
PTFE – Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene 
FRLS – Fire Resistance Low Smoke 
EPR – Ethylene Propylene Rubber 
HPMV – High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp 
HPSV – High Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamp 
SCIM – Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 
SRIM – Slip Ring Induction Motor 
OLTC – On Load Tap Changer 
NO – Normally Opened 
NC – Normally Closed 
RTD – Resistance Temperature Detector 
BS – British Standards 
RPM – Revolution Per Minute 
LDB – Lighting Distribution Board 
PDB – Power Distribution Board 
SLDB – Secondary Lighting Distribution Board 
EMLDB- Emergency Lighting Distribution Board 
MLDB – Main Lighting Distribution Board 
ACDB – Alternating Current Distribution Board 
MPDB – Main Power Distribution Board 
ACVS – Air Conditioning and Ventilation System 
ACSR – Aluminium Cable Steel Reinforced 
HART – Highway Addressable Remote Transducer 
PID – Proportional Integral and Derivative 
SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition 
VVVF – Variable Voltage Variable Frequency 
RCBO  – Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection 
ACSR – Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced                          
AH – Ampere Hour Capacity of Batteries 
AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator 
AWA – Aluminum Wire Armor 
B – Electrical Susceptance 
BAR – Pressure in Atmosphere 
BIL – Breakdown Insulation Level 
BS – British Standard Institutions                      
BTU – British Thermal Unit 
C – Electrical Capacitance 
CACA- Totally Enclosed Air Circuit, Air Cooled 
CACW- Totally Enclosed Air Circuit, Water Cooled 
CAD – Computer Aided Design 
CB – Circuit Breaker 
CBCU- Circuit Breaker Control Unit 
CCR – Central Control Room 
CEGB – Central Electricity Generating Board (UK) 
CENELEC- European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization 
COR CU – Corrugated Copper 
CSA – Cross Sectional Area 
CSI – Current Source Inverter 
CSP – Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene 
CT – Current Transformer 
CU – Un-tinned Copper 
CUWB- Copper Wire Braid 
db (A) – Measurement Unit of Sounds Decibels 
DCS – Distributed Control System 
DE – Drive end of a shaft 
deg C – Thermal Temperature in Degrees Celsius 
deg F – Thermal Temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit 
deg K – Thermal Temperature in Degrees Kelvin 
DMS – Data Management System 
DMT – Definite Minimum Time 
DOL – Direct Online Starter (Induction Motor) 
DWR – Divided Winding Rotor Synchronous Generator 
ECHA – Equipment Certified for Hazardous Areas 
EEC – European Economic Community 
EEMVA – The Engineering Equipment and The Materials User Association 
EHV – Extra High Voltage 
EIEMA – The Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacture’s Association 
ELV – Extra Low Voltage (less than 50v) 
EMA – Ethylene Methyl Acrylate 
EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility 
EMI – Electromagnetic Interference 
EMF – Electromotive Force 
EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer 
EPR – Ethylene Propylene Rubber 
ERA – Electrical Research Association 
ERM – Electronic Restart Module 
ESD – Emergency Shutdown 
ESP – Electric Submersible Pump 
EX () – Certification Symbol for Hazardous Area Equipment 
EWS – Engineering Work Station 
PTL – Pin Type Cable Lug 
FBA – Factory Built Assemblies 
FCU – Feeder Control Unit 
F&G – Fire and Gas 
FEED – Front End Engineering and Design of a Project 
FREQ – Frequency (HZ) 
FAT – Factory Acceptance Testing 
CG – Cable Glands 
FLEX – Flexible used for Cables 
G – Electrical Conductance, or Grounding 
GCB – Gas Circuit Breaker 
GCP – Generator Control Panel 
GIS – Gas Insulated Switchgear or Substation 
GOR – Gas to Oil Ratio Oil Well Fluids 
GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic 
GSWA- Galvanized Steel Wire Armour 
GSWB – Galvanized Steel Wire Braid 
GTG – Gas Turbine Generator 
GTO – Gate Turn Off Thyristor 
HCL – Hydrogen Chloride, Gas or Acid 
CT – Cable Tray 
HOFR- Heat and Oil Resisting, Flame Retardant 
HVAC – Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning 
HZ – Frequency in Cycles per Second, or Hertz 
TPS – Thermal Power Station 
IAC – Alternating Current 
IALA – International Association of Lighthouse Authorities 
ICI – Imperial Chemical Industries 
IDC – Direct Current 
IDMT – Inverse Definite Minimum Time 
IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission 
IEE – The Institution of Electrical Engineers of UK 
IEEE – The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers of USA 
I/O – Input or Output Signals or Quantity 
IMO – International Maritime Organization 
IMCS – Integrated Motor Control System 
IMS – Information Management System 
INST – Instantaneous Quantity 
INT – Intermittent Quantity 
IP – Institute of Petroleum 
IR – Insulation Resistance 
IS – Intrinsically Safe Signal, Circuit or Equipment 
IS/IN – Ratio of Starting Current to Running Current 
ISO – International Standards Organization 
J – Energy Joules or Newton-Metres 
J – Current Density, Amps/mm2 
kA – Kilo Ampere 
KEMA – Short Circuit Testing Authority in the Netherland 
kg – Kilogram 
km – Length in Kilometers 
kph – Kilometres per Hour 
I/O – Input or Output Signals or Quantity 
kV – Kilovolts 
kVA – Kilovolt Amperes 
kVAr – Reactive Kilovolt Amperes 
kW – Kilowatts 
L – Electrical Inductance in Henries 
L – Line or Local Control Operation 
LAN – Local Area Network 
LBS – Weight of a Substance in Pounds 
LDS – Low Density Foam 
LED – Light Emitting Diode 
LEL – Lower Explosive Limit 
LF – Low Frequency 
LHS – Left Hand Side 
LMS – Load Management System 
LSS – Load Shedding System 
LSF – Low Smoke and Fumes, Applied to Cables and Wires 
LSLH – Low Smoke and Halogen 
LEL – Lower Explosive Limit 
LSR – Load Sharing System 
LV  – Low Voltage 
L1, L2, L3, N – Notation For Line and Neutral Voltages and Currents 
LUX – Level of Illumination 
LEL – Lower Explosive Limit 
m – Length or Dimension in Metres, or Month 
mA – Current in milliamperes 
M – Manual operation 
mBAR – millibar 
MB – High Pressure Mercury, without Phosphor Coating 
MBF – High Pressure Mercury, with Phosphor Coating 
MBFR – High Pressure Mercury, with Phosphor Coating Internal Reflector 
MBI – High Pressure Discharge with Metallic Halides 
MBIF – High Pressure Discharge with Metallic Halides, with Phosphor Coating 
MBR – Double ended Linear Arc Tube 
MBTF – Combination of MBF Lamp and a Filament Lamp 
MCC  – Motor Control Centre 
MCF – Switch-start Lamp, also used for Tabular Fluorescent Lamps in General 
MCFE – Start less Lamp, Coated with Silicone 
MCFA – Start less Lamp, with Earth Strip, mainly used in cold environments. 
MBIF – High Pressure Discharge with Metallic Halides, with Phosphor Coating 
MCR – Maximum Continuous Rating 
MCU – Motor Control Unit 
MHO – Unit of Electrical Admittance 
MIC – Maximum Ignition Current 
MICC – Mineral Insulated Calendar Cable 
MIMIC- Mimic Display Panel 
MMF – Magnetomotive Force 
MMSCF – Million Standard Cubic Feet of a Cubic 
MT – Mica Glass Tape 
MTTR – Mean Time to Repair 
MV – Medium Voltage 
mV – Voltage in millivolts 
MVA – Megavolt Amperes 
MVAr – Reactive Megavolt Amperes 
MW – Megawatts 
NACE – National Association of Corrosion Engineers (USA) 
NBR – Nitrile Butadiene Rubber 
NC-N/C – Normally Closed Switching Device 
NDE – Non Drive End of a Shaft 
MCFE – Startless Lamp, Coated with Silicone 
NEMA – The National Electrical Manufacturers Association 
NEC – National Electrical Code (USA) 
NER – Neutral Earth Resistor 
NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
NO-N/O- Normally Open Switching Device 
NPT – National Pipe Threads (USA) 
NS – used to describe a type of Variable Speed AC Motor 
NTS – Not to Scale 
OC-O/C- Overcurrent or Open Circuit 
OF-O/F- Over Frequency 
OFAF – Forced Circulation of Internal Liquid, Forced Heat Exchange to Air 
OFAN – Forced Circulation of Internal Liquid, Natural Heat to Air 
OHL – Over Headline 
OHMS – Unit of Electrical Resistance or Impedance 
OIM – Offshore Installation Manager 
OL-O/L – Over Load 
ONAF – Naturally Circulated Internal Liquid, Forced Heat Exchange to Air 
ONAN – Naturally Circulated Internal Liquid, Natural Heat to Air 
OSHA – Occupational Health and Safety Administration (USA) 
OV-O/V- Over Voltage 
P – W – Power or Watts 
PCC – Point of Common Connection 
PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride 
PVDF – Polyvinylidene Fluoride 
PTP-PET- Polyethylene Terephthalate 
PWM – Pulse Width Modulation 
QA – Quality Assurance 
QC  – Quality Control 
R – Electrical Resistance 
RAM – Random Access Memory 
RCU – Remote Control Unit 
RHS – Right Hand Side 
RMS –  Root Mean Square 
ROM – Read Only Memory 
RTU – Remote Transmitter Unit 
SF6 – Sulphur Hexafluoride 
STG – Steam Turbine Generator 
SWA – Steel Wire Armour 
SWBD – Switch Board 
SWGR – Switch Gear 
TDRM – Time Delayed Restart Relay 
TG – Turbo Generator, Gas or Steam 
TCP – Gas Turbine Control Panel 
TPRL – Total Plant Running Load 
UPS – Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit 
UV – Under Voltage 
TNEB – Tamil Nau Electric Board 
AB Switch- Air Break Switch 
AC-Alternating Current 
ACCB- Air Case Circuit Breaker 
ACDB-Alternating Current Distribution Board 
AFC-Automated Frequency Control 
AFC-Available Fault Current 
AFCI-Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter 
AH-Ampere Hour 
AHU-Air Handling Unit 
AIC-Ampere Interrupting Capacity 
APFC-Automatic Power Factor Control 
ATS-Automatic Transfer Switch 
BLDC-Brushless DC 
BLDM-Brushless DC Motor 
CT-Current Transformer 
DB-Distribution Board 
DC-Direct Current 
DCDB-Direct Current Distribution Board 
DO Fuse- Drop Out Fuse 
DOL-Direct ON Line 
DP-Double Pole 
DPIC – Double Pole Iron Clad 
EHT-Extra High Tension 
ELCB-Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker 
FBT-Fly back Transformer 
GFCI-Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter 
GFI-Ground Fault Interrupter 
GIS-Gas Insulated Switchgear 
GO-Gang Operated 
HT-High Tension 
ICDB-Iron Clad Distribution Board 
IMC-Intermediate Metal Conduit 
IPMSM-Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor 
LA-Lightning Arrester 
LOPT-Line Output Transformer 
LPS-Lightning Protection System 
LRA-Locked Rotor Amperes 
LT-Low Tension 
LVDT-Linear Variable Differential Transformer 
MCB-Miniature Circuit Breaker 
MCC-Motor Control Center Panel 
MCCB-Molded Case Circuit Breaker 
MCP-Motor Circuit Protection 
NC-Normally Closed 
NCT-Neutral Current Transformer 
NO-Normally Open 
ONCT- On-circuit Tap Changer 
OLTC- On-load Tap Changer 
PB-Push Button 
PCC-Power Control Centre Panel 
PDP-Power Distribution Panel 
PT-Potential Transformer 
RCBO-Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload Protection 
RCCB-Residual Current Circuit Breaker 
RFID-Radio Frequency Identification 
RLA-Rated Load Amperes 
RMC-Rigid Metal Conduit 
RMG-Ring Main Gear 
RMU-Ring Main Unit 
RNC-Rigid Non Metallic Conduit 
RPR-Reverse Power Relay 
SB -Switch Board 
SCIM -Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 
SFU – Switch Fuse Unit 
SPDT- Single Pole Double Throw 
SPST – Single Pole Single Throw 
SSR-Solid State Relay 
ST-Super Tension 
SWG-Standard Wire Gauge 
TMCB – Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker 
TPIC – Triple Pole Iron Clad 
TPS – Triple Pole Switch 
TRS – Tough Rubber Sheathed 
UART – Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter 
UDS – Uniform Drawing System 
UG-Under Ground 
USART -Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter 
VCB -Vacuum Circuit Breaker 
VFD-Variable Frequency Drive 
XLPE – Cross linked Polyethylene 


2D – Two Dimensional 
3D – Three Dimensional 
4D – Four Dimensional 
A/E – Architect/Engineer 
AEC – Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, or Architecture, Engineering, and Contracting 
AECOO – Architects, Engineers, Constructors, Owners, and Operators 
BAS – Building Automation System 
BEA – Building Energy Analysis 
BEM – Building Energy Model 
BEMP – Building Energy Modeling Professional 
BEP – BIM Execution Plan 
BESA – Building Energy Simulation Analyst 
BIM – Building Information Model, Building Information Modeling, and Building Information Management 
CAD – Computer Aided Besign 
CAFM – Computer Aided Facility Management 
CFR – Central Facility Repository 
CIFE – Center for Integrated Facility Engineering 
CMa – Construction Manager as Agent 
CMc – Construction Manager as Contractor 
CMMS – Computerized Maintenance Management System 
COBie – Construction Operations Building Information Exchange 
GSA – General Services Administration 
HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning 
IAI – International Alliance for Interoperability 
IDM – Information Delivery Manual 
IFC – Industry Foundation Classes 
IPD – Integrated Project Delivery 
LOD – Level of Detail and Level of Development 
MEP/FP – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection 
MVD – Model View Definition 
NBIMS US – National BIM Standard-United States 
NBSAP – National Business Space Assignment Policy 
NIBS – National Institute for Building Sciences 
NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology 
O&M – Operations and Maintenance 
OCA – Office of the Chief Architect 
ODC – Office of Design and Construction 
P100 – Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service 
PBS – Public Buildings Service 
POR – Program of Requirements 
SBU – Sensitive but Unclassified 
SDM – Spatial Data Management 
SI – International System of Units 
SOW – Statement of Work or Scope of Work 
SPie – Specifiers’ Properties Information Exchange 
SPV – Spatial Program Validation 
VDC – Virtual Design and Construction 

OIR – Organisational information requirements

PIR – Project information requirements

AIR – Asset information requirements

SIR – Security information requirements

EIR – Exchange information requirements/Employer’s information requirements

LOI – level of information

PLQ – Plain language questions


A – Alarm 
A – Anchor 
ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene 
ACCUM – Accumulator 
AD – Area Drain 
AFC – Automatic Flow Control 
AFF – Above Finished Floor 
AHR – Air Hose Reel 
AHU – Air Handling Unit 
AL – Aluminum 
ALT – Alternate 
AP – Access Panel 
AS – Air Separator 
Asb – Asbestos (Gaskets) 
ASSY – Assembly
B – Beveled 
B&S – Bell and Spigot 
BB – Bolted Bonnet 
BBE – Bevel Both Ends 
BBL – Barrel (s) 
BC – Bolt Circle 
BD – Blow Down 
BDD – Backdraft / Pressure Relief Damper 
Bdr – Bleed ring 
BE – Beveled End (s) 
BF – Blind Flange 
Bfy – Butterfly (valve) 
BL – Battery Limits 
Bld – Blind (flange) 
Bld – Spectacle blind (plate between flanges) 
BLE – Bevel Large End 
Blk – Black (pipe) 
BOE – Bevel One End 
BOM – Bill of Materials 
BOP – Bottom of Pipe 
Brz – Bronze (valve) 
BSE – Bevel Small End 
BTU – British Thermal Unit 
BV – Ball Valve 
BV – Balance Valve 
BW – Butt-weld 
C – Compression 
CB – Catch Basin 
Ch. Op. – Chain Operator 
Chk – Check (valve) 
CHKV – Check Valve 
CL – Centerline 
CO – Clean Out 
CONC – Concentric 
COND – Condensate 
CONN – Connection 
CONV – Hydronic Convector 
CORR – Corrosion 
Cpl – Coupling 
CPLG – Coupling 
CPVC – Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride 
CPVC – Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride 
CS – Carbon Steel 
CS – Cast Steel  
Csg – Casing 
Csw – Concentric swage 
CTRLV – Control Valve 
CTS – Copper Tube Size 
CUH – Cabinet Unit Heater 
CW – Chain Wheel / Cold Water 
CWO – Chain Wheel Operator 
CWP – Cold Water Pressure 
CWR – Cooling Water Return 
CWS – Cooling Water Supply 
D&W – Doped and wrapped (pipe) 
DA – Directional Anchor 
DB – Dry Bulb 
DES – Double extra strong 
DF – Drinking Fountain 
DF – Drain Funnel 
DFT – Dry film thickness 
DI – Ductile iron 
DIA – Diameter 
DIFF – Diffuser 
DIM – Dimension 
DISCH – Discharge 
DR – Drain 
DRWN – Drawn 
DS – Downspout 
DSAW – Double sub‐merged arc welded (pipe) 
DW – Dummy Weld 
DWG – Drawing 
Dwg # – Drawing number 
DWV – Drain/Waste/Vent 
DWV – Drainage waste & vent 
DXC – Direct Expansion Cooling Coil 
EA – Exhaust Air 
EAF – Electric arc furnace 
EAT – Entering Air Temperature 
EBBR – Electric Base Board Radiation 
EC – Electrical Contractor 
ECC – Eccentric 
ECONV – Electric Convector 
ECUH – Electric Cabinet unit Heater 
EF – Exhaust Fan 
EG – Exhaust Grille 
 ELEV – Elevation 
ELL – Elbow 
Eol – Elbolet 
EOM – End Of Main Drip 
EQUIP – Equipment 
ERW – Electric resistance weld (pipe) 
Esw – Eccentric swage 
ET – Expansion Tank 
EUE – External upset ends 
EWC – Electric Water Cooler 
EWH – Electric Water Heater 
Ex.hvy – Extra Heavy 
Ex.stg – Extra Strong 
EXCH – Exchanger 
EXIST – Existing 
Exp jt – Expansion joint 
EXTG, E – Existing 
F&D Faced and drilled (flanged) 
F/F – Face of flange 
F/F – Face-to-Face 
FA – Flow Alarm 
FAB – Fabricate/fabricator 
FAS – Free along side 
FBO – Furnished By Others 
FD – Floor Drain 
FD – Fire Damper 
FDN – Foundation 
FE – Flanged ends 
FE – Flow Element 
Fem – Female (ends) 
FF – Flat Face 
FF – Full face 
FHT – Female hose threads 
FI – Flow Indicator 
FIC – Flow Indicating Controller 
Fig – Figure (number) 
FIP – Female iron pipe 
FL – Flange 
FLD – FAB Field Fabricate 
Flex – Flexitallic (gasket brand name) 
Flg. – Flange 
Flgd – Flanged ends 
FLR – Floor 
FNPT – Female National Pipe Thread Taper 
FOB – Flat on Bottom 
FOB – Free On Board 
FOT – Flat on Top 
FR – Flow Recorder 
FRC – Flow Recording Controller 
FS – Forged Steel 
FS – Field Support 
FS – Forged Steel 
FSD – Flat Side Down 
FSD – Combination Fire/Smoke Damper 
FSU – Flat Side Up 
Ft – Feet/Foot 
Ftg – Fitting 
FTR – Hydronic Finned Tube Radiation 
FUE – Female Union End 
FW – Field Weld 
FW – Fire Water 
G – Gauge or Gage 
Gal – Gallon 
Galv – Galvanized 
GaV – Gate Valve 
GC – General Contractor 
GCO – Grade Cleanouts 
GEN – General 
GG – Gauge glass 
GJ – Ground Joint (union) 
Glb – Globe (valve) 
GPD – Gallon Per Day 
GPF – Gallons per Flush 
GPH – Gallons Per Hour 
GPM – Gallons Per Minute 
GPR – Gas Pressure Regulator 
GR – Grade 
GRS – Gas Regulator Station 
Gsk – Gasket 
GT – Grease Trap 
GVTR – Gas Vent through Roof 
HC – Hose Coupling 
Hdr – Header 
Hex -Six‐Sided Head, Bolt, Plug etc. 
HN – Heat Number 
HT – Hose Threads 
Hvy – Heavy 
HW – Hot Water 
HCV – Hand Control Valve 
HIC – Hand Indicating Controller 
HLL – High Liquid Level 
HOR – Horizontal 
HP – High Pressure 
HPFS – High Point Finished Surface 
HPP – High Point Paving 
HR – Hanger Rod 
HR – Hour 
HTR – Heater 
HVAC – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning 
HYD – Hydraulic 
HAZ – Heat-Affected Zone 
HSLA – High-Strength, Low-Alloy 
HIC – Hydrogen-Induced Cracking 
H – Hub 
HB – Hose Bibb 
HTG – Heating 
H&CW – Hot and Cold Water 
HD – Hub Drain 
HDPE – High Density Polyethylene 
Hex – Heat Exchanger 
HG – Mercury 
HP – Horsepower 
HWCP – Hot Water Circulating Pump 
HYD – Hydrant 
HZ – Hertz 
IBBM – Iron Body Bronze Mounted (valve) 
ID – Inside Diameter 
IPS – Iron Pipe Size 
IS&Y – Inside Screw & Yoke (valve) 
ISO – Isometric (drawing) 
IUE – Internal Upset Ends 
IA – Instrument Air 
IA – Insulation (anti sweat) 
IC – Insulation (cold) 
ID – Inside Diameter 
IDD – Inside Depth of Dish 
IET – Electric Trace 
IGT – Glycol Trace 
IH – Insulation (heat conservation) 
IN – Inch(es) 
INS – Insulate or Insulation 
INST – Instrumentation 
INV – Invert Elevation 
IPS – Iron Pipe Size 
IS – Insulation Safety 
ISA – Instrumentation Society of America 
ISO – International Organization for Standardization 
ISO – Isometric (drawing) 
IST – Steam Trace 
IE – Invert Elevation 
INV – Invert 
IPC – International Plumbing Code 
IPS – Iron Pipe Size 
INV. EL – Invert Elevation 
JCT – Junction 
Jkscr – Jack Screw 
JT – joint(s) 
JW – Jacket Water 
L – Level 
L/MIN – Liters Per Minute 
L/S – Liters Per Second 
LA – Level Alarm 
LAH – Level Alarm-High 
LAL – Level Alarm-Low 
LAT – Leaving Air Temperature 
Lat – Lateral 
LAV Lavatory 
Lb (s). # Pound (s) # Symbol for Pounds 
LBS – Pounds 
LC – Level Controller 
LC – Lock Closed 
LG – Level Gauge 
LG – Level Glass 
Lg – Length, long, level gauge 
LI – Level Indicator 
LIC – Level Indicating Controller 
Lin Ft – Linear Feet 
LJ – Lap Joint (flange) 
LLC – Liquid Level Controller 
LLL – Low Liquid Level 
LN – Line 
LNG – Liquid Natural Gas 
LO – Lock Open 
LOL – Latrolet 
LP – Line Pipe 
LP – Low Pressure 
LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas 
LPT – Low Point 
LR – Long Radius 
LR – Level Recorder 
LRC – Level Recording Controller 
LS – Level Switch 
M – One thousand 
M – Meter 
M&F – Male and Female (ends) 
MAT’L – Materials 
MATL – Material 
MAX – Maximum 
MBH – 1000 BTU/HOUR 
MC – Mechanical Contractor 
MECH – Mechanical 
MFD – Mechanical Flow Diagram 
MFG – Manufacturing 
Mfg – Manufacturer 
MFR – Manufacturer 
MG/L – Milligram Per Liter 
MH – Manhole 
MHT – Male Hose Threads 
MI – Malleable Iron 
MIN – Minimum 
MIN – Minute 
MIP – Male Pipe Threads 
MIP – Male Iron Pipe 
Misc – Miscellaneous 
MISC – Miscellaneous 
MK – Piece Mark 
Mk – Mark (spool piece) 
ML – Milliter 
MM – Millimeter 
MPT – Male Pipe Threads 
MRR – Materials Receiving Report 
MS – MOP Sink 
MSS – Manufacturers Standards Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry 
MTO – Material Take‐Off (from drawings) 
MTR – Mill Test Report 
MUV – Automatic Make-Up Valve 
MW – Miter Weld 
MW – Manway 
N – North 
N2 – Nitrogen 
NC – Normally Closed 
NDT – Nondestructive Testing 
NEC – National Electric Code 
NEG – Negative 
NF – Oil Free Dry (Nitrogen) 
NIC – Not In Contract 
Nip – Nipple (pipe) 
NIP – Nipple 
NLL – Normal Liquid Level 
NO – Normally Open 
NO – Number 
No – or # Number 
NOM – Nominal 
NOZZ – Nozzle 
NPS – Nominal Pipe Size 
NPSH – Net Positive Suction Head 
NPT – National Pipe Thread 
NTS – Not to Scale 
NU – Non‐Upset (ends) 
O2 – Oxygen 
OA – Outside Air 
OAL – Overall Length 
OBD – Opposed Blade Damper 
OC – On Center 
OD – Outside Diameter 
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer 
OFD – Overflow Drain 
OH – Open Hearth 
OPP – Opposite 
Orf – Orifice 
OS&D – Over Short & Damage (report) 
OS&Y – Outside Screw and Yoke (valve) 
OS&Y – Outside Screw and Yoke 
OSD – Open Sight Drain 
OSD – Open Site Drain 
OVHD – Overhead 
OWS – Oily Water Sewer 
OXY – Oxygen 
Oz – Ounce 
P&ID – Piping and Instrumentation Diagram 
PA – Pipe Anchor 
PA – Pressure Alarm 
PBE – Plain Both Ends 
Pc – Piece (mark for spool pieces) 
PC – Pressure Controller 
PCV – Pressure Control Valve 
Pdl – Paddle (a blind plate between flanges) 
PdRC – Pressure Differential Recording Controller 
PE – Plain Ends 
PE – Plain End 
PI – Pressure Indicator (valves & gauge assembly) 
PI – Point of Intersection 
PI – Pressure Indicator 
PIC – Pressure Indicating Controller 
PLE – Plain Large End 
PLE – Plain Large End 
Plt – Plat (steel) 
PO – Pump Out 
PO # – Purchase Order Number 
POC – Point of Connection 
POE – Plain One End 
POS – Positive 
PP – Polypropylene 
PP – Personnel Protection 
Pr – Pair 
PR – Pressure Regulator 
PR – Pressure Recorder 
PRC – Pressure Recording Controller 
Press – Pressure 
PRV – Pressure Reducing Valve 
PS – Pipe Support 
PSE – Plain Small End 
PSI – Pounds per Square Inch 
PSIA – Pounds per Square Inch Absolute 
psig – Pounds‐Force Square Inch, Gauge 
PSIG – Pounds Per Square Inch Gage 
PSV – Pressure Safety (relief) Valve 
PSV – Pressure Safety Valve 
PT – Point 
PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene (aka Teflon) 
PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride 
PVF – Pipe, Valves and Fittings 
PW – Potable Water 
Qty – Quantity 
QUAD – Quadrant 
QUAD – Quadruple 
R – Radius 
RA – Return Air 
Rad – Radius 
RCNP – Reinforced Concrete Pipe 
RCP – Radiant Ceiling Heating Panel 
RD – Roof Drain 
REC’D – Received 
Rec’d – Received (materials) 
Recirc – Recirculating 
Red – Reducer 
RED – Reducer 
REINF – Reinforce 
REQ’D – Required 
Req’d – Required (materials) 
Reqn – Requisition 
Reqn – Requisition 
REV – Revision 
REV – Reverse 
RF – Raised Face 
RG – Return Grille 
RIV – Roof Intake Vent 
RJ – Ring Type Joint 
RO – Reverse Osmosis 
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute 
RPM – Rotations Per Minute 
RPZ – Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer 
RR – Red Rubber (gasket type) 
RR – Return Register 
RRV – Roof Relief Vent 
RS – Rising Stem (valve) 
RS – Rising Stem 
RTD – Resistance Temperature Detectors 
RTE – Reducing Tee 
Rtg – Rating 
RTJ – Ring Type Joint (flange facing) 
RTRP – Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipe 
S – Slip or Socket 
S – South 
S/40 – Schedule 40 (of pipe or fittings) 
S/80 – Schedule 80 (of pipe or fittings) 
SC – Sample Connections 
Sch – Schedule (of pipe or fittings) 
Scrd – Screwed (ends) 
Sdl – Saddle (pipe) 
SDR – Standard Dimension Ratio 
SE – Screwed Ends 
SECT – Section 
SH – (SHT) Sheet 
SK – Sink 
Skt Bld – Skillet Blind (plate between flanges) 
Smls – Seamless Spec 
SMLS – Seamless 
SO – Slip‐On (flange) 
SO – Steam Out 
SOL – Sockolet 
SP – Set Point 
SP GR – Specific Gravity 
SP/SPG – Spigot 
SPEC – Specification 
Spl Sht – Spool Sheet (from isometric drawing) 
Sq – Square (inches, feet, yards etc.) 
SR – Supply Register 
SR – Short Radius, Stress Relieve 
SRL – Short Radius Ell 
SS – Stainless Steel 
STD – Standard (a pipe or fitting schedule) 
STHX – Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 
Stl – Steel 
Stm – Steam 
Sub – Short Length of Pipe or Rod 
SUCT – Suction 
SUPT – Support 
SW – Socket Weld 
Swg – Swage Nipple 
SWP – Safe Working Pressure 
SWP – Standard Working Pressure 
SYS – System 
T – Steam Trap 
T&C – Thread and Coupled 
T&G – Tongue and Groove (flange facing) 
T/T – Tangent to Tangent 
TA – Temperature Alarm 
Tan – Tangent 
TBE – Thread Both Ends 
Tbg -Tubing 
TC – Temperature Controller 
TCV – Temperature Control Valve 
TE – Threaded End 
TEMP – Temperature 
Thk – Thick 
Thr’d – Threaded 
THRD – Thread 
TI – Temperature Indicator 
TIC – Temperature Indicating Controller 
TLE – Thread Large End 
TO – Transfer Opening 
TOC – Top of Concrete 
TOE – Thread One End 
TOG – Top of Grout 
TOL – Threadolet 
TOS – Top of Steel 
TP – Trap Primer Line 
TPI – Threads Per Inch 
TR – Temperature Recorder 
TRC – Temperature Recording Controller 
TSE – Thread Small End 
TW – Thermometer Well 
TW – Temperature Well 
TW – Thermowell 
Typ – Typical (repeat the same item) 
UA – Utility Air 
ULF – Ultra Low Flush 
Un – Union 
UR – Urinal 
US – Utility Station 
VA – Valve 
VA – Vent to Atmosphere 
Vac – Vacuum 
VAV – Variable Air Volume 
VB – Vortex Breaker 
VC – Vitrified Clay 
VCP – Vitrified Clay Volume 
VERT – Vertical 
VF – Vent to Flare 
VFD – Variable Frequency Drive 
Vol – Volume 
VS – Vent to Stack 
VS – Vent Stack 
VTR – Vent Thru Roof 
W – West
WB – Welded Bonnet 
WB – Wet BUB 
WC – Water closet (toilet) 
Wd – Width/Wide 
WE – Weld End 
WH – Wall Hydrant 
WI – Wrought Iron 
WLD – Weld 
WN – Weld Neck (flange) 
WOG – Water / Oil / Gas (pressure rating) 
WOL – Weldolet 
WP – Working Pressure 
WS – Waste Stack 
WT – Wall Thickness/weight 
XR – X‐Ray (at pipe welds) 


AGL – Above Ground Level 
AHJ – Authority Having Jurisdiction  
BC – Battalion Chief  
FD – Fire Department or Fire District 
IAP – Incident Action Plan 
ICS – Incident Command System 
IFSAC – International Fire Service Accreditation Congress 
IMS – Incident Management System 
ISFSI – International Society of Fire Service Instructors 
NFA – National Fire Academy 
NFC – National Fire Codes 
NFFF – National Fallen Firefighters Foundation 
NFIRS – National Fire Incident Reporting System 
DFR – Doors – Fire Resisting
SCD –  Self Closing Devices
FRC – Fire Resisting Construction
FRG – Fire Resisting Glazing
FRG/H – Fire Resisting Glazing Height above the Floor Level
FEHR – Fire Extinguishers – Hose Reel
FEW – Fire Extinguishers – Water
FEF – Fire Extinguishers – Foam
FEDP – Fire Extinguishers – Dry Powder
FECD – Fire Extinguishers – Carbon Dioxide
FEVL – Fire Extinguishers – Vaporizing Liquid
FEFB – Fire Extinguishers – Fire Blanket
FA – Fire Alarm
FAAWD – Fire Alarm – Audible Warning Device
VWD – Visual Warning Device
IT – Internal Telephone
IP – Indicator Panel
MS – Manual Sounders
DH – Automatic Fire Alarm Heat
DS – Automatic Fire Alarm – Smoke
ELP – Emergency Lighting Points
EL-LEB – Emergency Lighting – Illuminated Exit Box
LDEB – Illuminated Directional Exit Box
FES – Fire Exit Sign
FEDS – Fire Exit Directional Sign
FN-GN – Fire Notice – General Notice
FN-SN – Fire Notice – Staff Notice
FNKDSN – Fire Notice – Keep Door Shut Notice
FN-SON – Fire Notice – Slide to Open Notice
FN-EKCN – Fire Notice – Fire Exit Keep Clear Notice
GRL – Guardrail Balustrade or Wall
ASP – Automatic Sprinkler Points
APPS – Area Protected by a Pressurization System
HL – Hazard Location


ABM – Advanced Building Material
AE – Architectural Engineering
A/E/C – Architecture/Engineering/Construction
AECOO – Architects, Engineers, Constructors, Owners, and Operators
AGC – Associated General Contractors of America
AI – Artificial Intelligence
AIA – American Institute of Architects
API – Application Programming Interface
APWA – American Public Works Association
ASA – American Subcontractors Association
ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers
BAS – Building Automation System
BCI – Building Construction Index
BI – Business Intelligence
BIM – Building Information Modeling
BN – Bidding & Negotiation
BNB – Bid/No Bid
BOP – Best Operating Practice
BP – Building Permitting
BPA – Blanket Purchase Agreement
C&R – Construction & Repair
C&S – Civil and Structure
CA – Construction Administration
CAD – Computer-Aided Design
CAFM – Computer-Aided Facility Management
CAGR – Compound Average Growth Rate
CAPEX – Capital Expenditure
CCI – Construction Cost Index
CDs – Construction Documents
CDN – Content Delivery Network
CE – Civil Engineer
CIP – Capital Improvement Program/Plan
CM – Construction Management / Manager
CMa – Construction Manager as Agent
CMc – Construction Manager as Contractor
CMS – Content Management System
CO – Change Order
CCTV – Closed Circuit Television
COR – Change Order Request
CoST – Construction Sector Transparency
CP – Construction Planning
CP – Cost Proposal
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
CV – Cost Variance
DB – Design-Build
DBB – Design-Bid-Build
DBOM – Design, Build, Operate & Maintain
DD – Design Development
DfMA – Design for Manufacture and Assembly
DFR – Daily Field Report
DGIs – Design Guide Illustrations
DIR – Texas Department of Information Resources
E&C – Engineering and Construction
ECC – Estimated Construction Cost
ECI – Early Contractor Involvement
EGNG – Engineering
EOR – Engineer of Record
EPC/EPCT – Engineering, Procurement and Construction
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning (system)
FEB – Final Estimate and Bid
FM – Facilities Maintenance
FO – Field Office
FP&C – Facilities Planning & Construction
FTP – File Transfer Protocol
FY – Fiscal Year
GC – General Contractor
GIS – Geographical Information System
GMP – Guaranteed Maximum Price
GSA – Government Services Administration
HSE – Health, Safety and Environment
HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
IAQ – Indoor Air Quality
IDR – Inspector’s Daily Report
IFB – Information for Bidders
IFC – Issue for Construction
IPD – Integrated Project Delivery
ISO – International Organization for Standardization
ITB – Invitation to Bid
KPI – Key Performance Indicator
LAN – Local Area Network
LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LOI – Letter of Intent
MEOR – Mechanical Engineer of Record
MEP – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
MILCON/MC – Military Construction
MRO – Maintenance, Repair and Operations
MSA – Master Service Agreement
MXD – Mixed Use Development
NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement
NOI – Notice of Intent
NSPE – National Society of Professional Engineers
NTP – Notice to Proceed
O&M or O/M – Operations and Maintenance/Management
ODC – Office of Design and Construction
ODC – Owner Design Consultant
OE – Owner’s Engineer
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
OMB – Office of Management and Budget
OPR – Online Plan Room
OSH – Occupational Safety and Health
OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
P3 – Public Private Partnership
P&S – Plans & Specs
PAP – Permit Application Package
PCO – Potential or Proposed Change Order
PCR – Project Completion Report
PD – Pre-Design
PDO – Project Design Outline
PDS – Project Data Sheet
PE – Project Engineer -or- Professional Engineer
PED – Preconstruction Engineering and Design
PEP – Project Execution Plan
PL – Project Leader (referred to as Project Engineer)
PL – Punch List
PLC – Punch List Complete
PM – Project Manager
PMIS – Project Management Information System
PMG – Project Management Group
PMO – Project Management Office
PMP – Project Management Plan/Professional
PO – Purchase Order -or- Project Originals
POR – Project Owner’s Representative
PPP – Public-Private Partnership
PQ – Pre-Qualification
PR/PE – Process Review/Product Evaluation
PRECON – Preconstruction
PS&E – Plans, Specs, and Estimates
PSCM – Preconstruction Services and Construction Management
PSP – Planning and Scheduling Professional
PUD – Public Utility District
PX – Project Executive
PXP – Project Execution Plan
QA – Quality Assurance
QC – Quality Control
R&D – Research and Development
RA – Registered Architect
RD – Requirements Document
RE – Requirements Engineering
REC – (report) Real Estate Committee report
RFC – Ready for Construction
RFB – Request for Bid
RFI – Request for Information
RFP – Request for Proposal -or- Pricing
RFQ – Request for Quotation
ROI – Return on Investment
ROJ – Required on Job site
SAME – Society of American Military Engineers
SD – Schematic Design
SE – Structural Engineer
SLA – Service Level Agreement
SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SOC 1 or 2 – System and Organization Controls (report)
SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
SOQ – Statement for Qualifications
SOW – Statement/Scope of Work
SOW – Suspension of Work (Stop Work Order)
SPECS – Specifications
SQL – Structured Query Language
SSAE – Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements
SSO – Single Sign On
SUB – Subcontractor
TCC – Total Construction Cost
TCO – Total Cost of Ownership
TIE – Time Impact Estimate
TIPS – The Interlocal Purchasing System
TPC – Total Project Cost
UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drones)
UGA – Urban Growth Area
UI – User Interface
URL – Uniform Resource Locator
USACE – US Army Corps of Engineers
VDC – Virtual Design and Construction
VE – Value Engineering
VPN – Virtual Private Network
W/WW – Water / Waste Water
WAN – Wide Area Network
WO – Work Order
WPA – Wi-Fi Protected Access
WPA2 – Wi-Fi Protected Access 2
PDT – Project Delivery Team